Saturday, July 18, 2009

Slow Down Summer!

Well this summer is going by waaaaaaaay too fast! Where has the time gone? The boys made it home safely from their camping trip and it sounds like they had fun! On Friday they went up the mountain on horses for a few hours. Paycos got to ride his own horse and was thrilled. The rule is that children have to be seven or older to ride by themselves but they made an exception for the Mutton Bustin champ! They figured he could hold on pretty well!! Kyler and I had a relaxing week of no whining or screaming from someone irritating her! Now we are preparing for our girl trip to Galveston! (The only boys allowed are Paycos and my two cousins!) We leave on Monday and will be gone for a week! Can't wait! I realized that I have really done a horrible job at taking pictures this summer. I don't have much to show for all the things we have been doing! Here's a few:

This was Critter fest at the Science Spectrum. Kyler chickened out at the last minute and didn't ride!!

These were the Father's Day cakes that they decorated for Justin

The string broke on his mask so he decided to tape it on instead!!

Fourth of July!

Since we are going to be out of town on our anniversary, my sweet husband sent me some flowers early!!!
I will be taking lots of pictures at the beach so I will have more to post when we get back...

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Well good news! I went on Tuesday to do the testing again for gestational diabetes. After 3 hours and 4 blood draws, the test came back normal!!! Thank goodness!!! I feel very relieved! I asked the nurse why the levels would have been elevated the first time and she said they prefer that you don't eat or drink anything sugary right before the test. I had eaten lunch and drank a Dr. Pepper right before I drank the Glucola drink. It would have been GREAT if they would have told me that ahead of time!!! My paper with the instructions said that I could eat normally before the test but not to eat or drink anything after drinking the Glucola. So, anyhoo, I am very thankful that the results were good.

Our summer seems to be flying by so quickly! I can't believe it's July already! We have been staying busy but with fun activities. Justin is going camping in Colorado so it will be just the kids and me for a few days! Then, we are going to meet him in Santa Fe and he's going to take Paycos back to the mountains with him so they can have some "guy camping" time! Paycos is excited!! I'm excited too about spending some "girl" time with Kyler! It will be fun for all!!