Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines Day

Our Valentine Surprise!! Justin and I have been talking about getting a "friend" for Tuff but couldn't really decide what kind of dog to get. I wanted another yorkie but they are just so expensive. We really lucked out with Tuff-he was a reasonable price and turned out to be a good dog. Anyway, Justin had to work on Valentine's Day and he came home with a really sweet card. Then he said he forgot something in the truck and came in with this teeny tiny Maltese! The kids were sooo excited! We haven't really named him yet-Kyler likes "cutie" Paycos likes "Thunder" and Justin & I like "Trooper". We have called him several names but I think Trooper is going to stick!!

Kyler turned 4 on January 11th!!! She just thinks she is a big girl now! We had her party at Jumpin' Jungle and she loved playing with her friends and of course being the center of attention!
I thought this picture was so funny!

Paycos and Nana
Bi Bi made her princess castle cake

Happy Birthday Loo-Loo!!

Here's some other things that have been going on in the Noble house:

Harper and Tuff were arrested!

Campout in the Living Room

The Noble cousins

Kyler was teaching Harp how to play the Leapster!

Sword fighting with dad

The 3 stooges

The girlies

Enjoying some cereal AND her fingers


naked baby!