Sunday, August 16, 2009

Counting Down

The countdown has begun!! Or I guess I should say countdown's'. It is 1 week until Paycos starts 1st grade, 3 weeks until Kyler starts Pre-school, 4 weeks until my birthday, 6 weeks until the baby is born, and 7 weeks until Paycos' birthday! Wow! A lot is happening in just 7 short weeks. I really thought I would be sad with summer coming to an end, but I'm surprising myself by being excited! I'm looking forward to getting back into a routine and having a little peace and quiet for a short time before #3 makes his/her arrival. I still have so much to do as far as getting ready for baby, so hopefully I can get some things accomplished in these next few weeks. I am already feeling more relaxed as my pregnancy days come to an end. Definitely not physically but mentally. When I was pregnant with P and K, I had their nurseries completely ready and everything was 100% done before my 3rd trimester even began. We have done NOTHING in the nursery yet!! Mainly due to the fact that we don't know what we're having. I do have bedding and paint colors picked out, so as soon as we know what it is, we can get busy! The baby won't be in it's room for several months anyway. I am a very big planner so once again, I'm surprising myself by being calm about this. Maybe the panic attack will hit soon, but as of right now, I'm feeling A-OK!

Kyler is soooo ready for big girl pre-school! She has picked out a new back pack and lunchbox, and she is officially ready! Paycos, on the other hand, decided he likes staying home and playing all day and he would MUCH rather do that than go to school! I'm sure he will adjust! Goodbye summer!!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Home Sweet Home

After a loooong drive, we made it home from the beach! It was hot and sandy, but we had so much fun! Paycos was way too brave and kept trying to venture out far in the water. The rule was that he could go knee deep but he pushed his limits. He had a boogie board and couldn't resist the bigger waves that were in the deeper water! I was kind of worried about how Kyler would be once we got on the beach. She tends to be pretty girly and I wasn't sure she would enjoy being sandy and wet. But she proved me wrong! She couldn't get enough! They collected shells, found hermit crabs, buried each other, fed the seagulls, had mud fights with the cousins, built sand castles and pretty much wore themselves out. We also found frogs, a HUGE sea turtle that had washed up on shore and four baby hammer head sharks!

Funny story:
The whole week we were there, I promised the kids that we could get some hermit crabs to bring home. On our way out, we stopped at several souvenir shops and every one of them were sold out! So after we got back to Lubbock, Justin and I took them to Petsmart to get some. Paycos picked one up to look at it and we noticed it had MUCH larger pinchers than the ones that live in the water have. I told Justin to put his finger in front of it to see if it would pinch, and Paycos said, "I will!" And before I could say no, the crab had latched on!! We shook, and pulled and thumped the crab but it would NOT let go! After about 45 seconds or so, Justin thumped it hard enough and it fell back in the cage. It actually broke the skin on his finger and made it bleed! Paycos and Kyler both quickly decided that they didn't want a hermit crab anymore! They were so disappointed so we had to get them SOMETHING! After convincing Justin that we didn't need a hamster, gerbil, guinea pig, bird, rabbit or new puppy, we all settled on another turtle, so our turtle (whose name is original!) would have a friend!
Baby News:
We had our last ultrasound on Tuesday. We got some great 3-D pictures of that precious baby face! He/she already has chubby cheeks and pouty lips! They said the baby is measuring 2 weeks bigger and weighs 5Lbs!!! She said most 31 week babies weigh around 3 lbs!! My little over-achiever!!! I tried to explain to this baby that this was NOT the thing to over-achieve at!! I don't think he/she is listening! I feel like I'm getting bigger by the second! My doctor is inducing me a week early but maybe I can convince her to bump it up a few days! IF I make it that long!