Sunday, May 31, 2009

Dallas trip

On May 8th, we headed to Dallas for Paycos' neurology appointment. We have been seeing a neurologist there since July of 2006 when he was diagnosed. Last year during an MRI they found a cyst on his brain that they think is actually totally unrelated to his seizures and is in an area of the brain that is common to have random cysts. His doctor (Dr. Arnold, who is awesome) wasn't too concerned but just to be safe, she wanted him to have MRI's every 3 months. So every 3 months we went to Dallas for these appointments and they finally determined that the cyst wasn't growing or causing problems so he doesn't have to have another MRI for a year! YAY!! He was thrilled to know that this last trip was just a check-up. Dr. Arnold gave us wonderful news. In November, if he is still seizure free, it will have been 2 years since his last seizure!!!!!! They will do an EEG and if there is no activity, we will discuss taking him off the medication!!!!!!!!!! This was great news for us!! He has been on medicine since 2006 and unfortunatly it has changed him. We were able to take him off one of the meds which helped but he was still not himself. He needs big prayers that this goes away and STAYS away! I can't wait to see the difference in him once he comes off the medicine. So, we'll see!

While we were there, we decided to make a mini vacation of it and go to Six Flags. Paycos has been before but this was Kyler's first time. The kids loved every minute of it. Paycos rode every ride he was tall enough for like the Texas Giant, Judge Roy Scream and the Titan!!! I couldn't beleive it!! He was totally fearless. He has my weak stomach so I was very surprised he didn't get sick. He even rode the loopy ones that go up-side down! Kyler, on the other hand, stuck to the smaller rides which was perfectly fine with her! She was happy enough sitting in the wagon, eating ice cream, and watching the boys ride! We all had a really good time (even though I couldn't ride anything!) The weather was cool and it wasn't crowded at all. PERFECT DAY!!

RARE picture of me!! I don't allow people to take my picture while I'm preggo because I just seem to look AWFUL!! I think my face is the first place I gain weight! But this was a cute one of Paycos so I decided to put it up!

Justin was thrilled about riding this one...can you tell?

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Memorial Weekend

Last weekend we were blessed with great weather which made me want to set the little pool up. I am excited that we won't have to pack up everyday and pay to go to another pool. Not to mention this baby has made me explode in every direction and I really have no desire for ANYONE to see me in a swimsuit! So we decided to put up the pool on Monday. Of course Justin had to prepare the yard and he had the perfect helper!

So with that being done, the fun part began. Kyler entertained herself by playing in the sand that had spilled out of our sandbox (which was great because it kept her quiet and occupied!) and Paycos helped us spread it out and get it in place!

The kids were still in their PJ's. Big Z gave Paycos that shirt he is wearing and he thought it was pretty cool. He refused to take it off and Kyler, wanting to copy everything brother does, decided she would leave her jammies on too! Then they had to try it out as it was filling up!

Since the water was FREEZING, I told them they could only get their feet wet. That lasted about 7 and a half seconds before they were completely soaked head to toe! I don't know why I even wasted my breath! I knew it would happen!! They had a BLAST though and that's all that matters. We have a solar cover on it now, hoping that will warm it up quick because the kids can't wait to get in again! It is 30 inches deep which is the perfect depth for them. It's shallow enough that they can both touch but deep enough that Justin and I can get in too!! We really had a great weekend!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Here goes nothing!

Soooo, I finally decided to start a blog!! I have been wanting to do one for years but wasn't really sure how to go about it. After following several others, I realized I could do this! Hopefully I can keep it updated and well informed of all we have been doing. Today we went to Paycos' award ceremony at school. I can't believe Kindergarten is almost over!! How in the world can I have a first grader?!? Time flies when you are having fun! He received an award for READING and was so proud! I was not surprised that he got that one since he's reading like a champ. I guess the levels go alphabetically. They start the year off on an "A" reading level and have to be a "C" level to get out of Kindergarten. Well, he is on a "J"!!!!!!! Wow! Super smart kid!

Kyler finished her last year of Children's Day Out! She will start 3 year old preschool in August! It was sad for me! It seems like this is the age that time really starts to go by fast. I think she will do so well in preschool though. She would start Kindergarten tomorrow if she were old enough!

Baby #3 is doing well!! I am 21 weeks and still feeling like I am in the first trimester! In my last pregnancies I really felt fantastic during months 4 thru 7 but I am definitely not yet! I am still tired all the time, have frequent headaches, random feelings of nausea...etc.etc. I really shouldn't complain! It could be worse! And I am thankful that everything is progressing as it should! My due date is October 5th but they say the baby is measuring to be a week ahead so I'm hoping for a September baby. I'm sure by that time I will be ready!

Here are some pictures of the Awards ceremony and some from Olympic Day at Paycos' school. The kids had a blast! Notice how Kyler jumped right in and joined like she was part of the school!