Sunday, May 23, 2010

Harper is 8 months old! She has really grown a lot in this past month and is doing many new things:

-She took her first crawling "step"! It took her a while but she is finally getting the hang of it. She can get across the room now so I guess you could say she is oficially crawling - YIKES!
-She got her first tooth! It has been trying to come in for about a week now and FINALLY broke through the skin on Sunday (the 23rd). We can see the other one right beside it but it hasn't popped up yet.
-She can pull up on things! If she can reach it, she will pull up to a standing position. You have to be close by though because she will get distracted and face plant onto the floor!

-She has developed her own opinion! Things that used to not bug her before, now do! Like changing her diaper or buckling in her car seat. She also screams when the kids take something away from her!

-She LOVES her brother and sister! They can make her laugh and smile any time of the day! She adores them and they adore her. They are so sweet to her (especially Paycos; Kyler can be a little rough sometimes!) and they even have a special song they made up just for her. Everytime she gets upset, they start singing and she immediately stops!
-She eats EVERYTHING!! The girl is a piggie! She still loves the baby cereal and pureed baby food but is starting to prefer finger food. She basically eats anything that we can cut up into bite size pieces.
-She is starting to wave bye-bye! When we wave to her, she studies our hand for a minute and then tries it herself. It's so cute!

-She dances! When she hears music playing, or even a consistent sound, she bounces up and down!

-She is stringing syllables together! She says um ma ma da da ma ma ba ba da get the picture! It's so sweet to hear her little voice making all these sounds!
-She is such a joy! From day one she has been a good eater and sleeper and it hasn't changed. She definitely fits the description of the third child: easy, laid back, happy and flexible!

We had some concrete poured and did this before it dried!

Justin arranged for the fire truck to come by after Kyler's t-ball practice and spray the kiddos!

I want to have a sign made that Kyler can wear when we go out in public that says "I dress myself!" She comes up with some wacky outfits!

Harper's favorite place to be (besides my hip!)

School is oficially out for summer! Yay!! In celebration of this, we put up our pool. I didn't want to waste one day of sun without having somewhere to enjoy it. I think it will last us one more year but next year we'll probably have to get a bigger one. It's the perfect size for Kyler but not quite deep enough for Paycos.

Filling it up

First day of 1st grade

Last day of 1st grade

We don't have much planned for this summer but I hope to stay busy to avoid constant fighting between Paycos and Kyler. We are going to Dallas in mid June for a check up appointment with Paycos' neurologist. We're praying she will lower his medication dose since he's been seizure free for almost a year (in August) but we'll see. I can't complain really because he is doing so well on this particular medicine but the only side effect he suffers from is over heating. It prevents him from sweating and he's at MAJOR risk for heat stroke which isn't much fun in the summer. His face will turn BEET red and the heat just drains him. We always carry a spray bottle with water in it to spray him down so we can kind of keep him cool. I'm hoping a medicine reduction could possibly help this but I don't know. But compared to the other side effects he's had from other meds, this isn't too bad!

On a side note, I've been making jewelry! After several people wanting to but some, I made a blog and posted some pictures so they could look at all the options!

Check it out at

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